Challenges for Making TOD Equitable in Mid-Sized Cities

“Challenges for Making TOD Equitable in Mid-Sized Cities: Changing Neighbourhoods in Malmö, Sweden, and Kitchener, Canada” is funded by a grant from K2 (Nationellt Kunskapcentrum för Kollectivtrafik/Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport). We are comparing Rosengård, Malmö to downtown Kitchener to see how the neighbourhoods have changed in response to new transportation infrastructure. Lina Olsson and I started the project in 2020 and conducted interviews online with planners, developers, and real estate professionals in both cities, but were unable to do interviews with community members. We finished interviews in Malmö and Kitchener from August-October 2022.

Project Updates

Olsson, L. and Thomas, R. “State-led gentrification? The effects of transit infrastructure in Malmö, Sweden and Kitchener, Canada.” Association of American Schools of Planning. November 4-9, online due to COVID-19.