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Funded Research Projects

  • Principal applicant on “How do we want to live? Innovations in Housing Systems” (2022-2023, Dalhousie University Sabbatical/Special Leave Grant, $8,200)
  • Co-applicant on “Black Experiences with Planning in Canada: Building a Framework for Community-Based, Black-Centered, Black-Informed Planning Practices” (2022-2024, SSRHC Race, Gender, and Diversity Initiative Grant, project directors Magdalena Ugarte and Abigail Moriah, $446,000)
  • Collaborator on “Transgressing ‘good’ cities: Decolonising city narratives for just urban futures (2022-2024, British Academy Application to the Knowledge Frontiers: International Interdisciplinary Research, principal applicant Lakshmi Priya Rajendran, ₤199,000)
  • Collaborator on “15-Minute Neighbourhoods as an Indicator Framework of Built Environmental Preparedness to ‘Stay-put and Stay-well’ in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic (2020-2021, SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant, principal applicant Mikiko Terashima, $24,126)
  • Co-applicant on “Challenges for Making TOD Equitable in Mid-Sized Cities: Changing Neighbourhoods in Malmö, Sweden, and Kitchener, Canada” (2019-2021, K2 (Nationellt Kunskapcentrum för Kollectivtrafik/Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport), principal applicant Lina Olsson, 30,000 kr/$4,200 CAD)
  • Co-applicant on “Rosengård: values and challenges in the shadow of an urban development process” (2019-2021, K2 (Nationellt Kunskapcentrum för Kollectivtrafik/Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport) Grant, principal applicant Jonas Alwall, sub-grant 20,000 kr/$2,750 CAD)
  • International Advisory Committee member on “Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the early stages of planning processes – improved tools for navigating collaborative complexities and private sector rationalities” (2020-2022, K2 (Nationellt Kunskapcentrum för Kollectivtrafik/Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport) Grant, principal applicants Robert Hrelja, Lina Olsson)
  • Co-applicant on “Addressing the Knowledge Gaps in Meeting the Housing Needs of Older LGBT Canadians: From Research to Policy to Practice” (2019-2020, SSHRC Partnership Development Grant – Collaborative Housing Research Network, principal applicant Jacqueline Gahagan, $78,767)
  • Principal applicant on “Rental Housing in Canadian Cities: Barriers and Solutions to Implementation” (2018-2020, SSHRC Insight Development Grant, $37,124 and SSHRC Research Development Fund Grant, $2,745). Click here for the latest reports, articles, and news.
  • Co-applicant on “Over the Line: A Bilateral Conversation on Race, Place, and the Environment“, a symposium on October 27, 2017 (SSHRC Connection Grant, principal applicant Ingrid Waldron, $49,000). Click here for a video of the event.
  • Co-applicant on “Neighbourhood Inequality, Diversity, and Change: Trends, Processes, Consequences, and Policy Options for Canada’s Large Metropolitan Areas” (2012-2019, SSHRC Partnership Grant, principal applicant J. David Hulchanski, $2,500,000). Click here for the latest reports, articles, and news on my sub-project, Non-profit housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality 
  • Affiliated researcher on “Generationed City” (SSHRC and Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation, principal applicant Markus Moos)
  • Co-researcher on a two-year study of transit-oriented development using meta-analysis of international case studies in TOD (rough set analysis, meta-matrix, workshops with local planners) (2012-2014, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, €140,000/$207,710)
  • Principal applicant on a study of housing and transportation choices of Filipino immigrants in Toronto (descriptive data, interviews, factor analysis) (2008-2011, SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, $60,000)

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