Planning Canada Reviews

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“The work of established and emerging academics sits beside the reflections of practitioners at a variety of career stages. Bringing together these perspectives is in many ways a corrective to the challenge Thomas herself identifies in trying to put together her introduction, namely that Canadian planning has tended to rely heavily on British and American planning theory and precedents. With this collection she demonstrates that there is a rich font of creative planning practice and research within Canada and that these ideas are ready for export.”
–Sheryl-Ann Simpson, Journal of the American Planning Association

“As a textbook, the volume delivers an excellent educational resource. It is well-organised with relatively concise chapters that cover the breadth of the particular case context and research.”
–Rowan Arundel, International Journal of Housing Policy

Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach should be required reading for any planning course taught in Canada. The systematic breakdown of all the pressing issues for planners today, the accessible nature of the book’s structure, and the practical knowledge that is shared throughout make it invaluable.”
–Jeremy Senko, Spacing Magazine

“Fifty authors have contributed in writing up the case-studies and although many of them may not be known to general Australian readers, each author also has an excellent understanding of the institution context underpinning the planning issue including the Canadian national, provincial and local planning strategies and regulation applicable in each case…Several case-studies stand out in terms of possible contribution in an Australian context.”
–Johanna Rosier, Urban Policy and Research

“I regard Planning Canada as an excellent and timely collection that will find a ready audience among students, researchers, and practitioners alike.”
–Pablo Mendez, Canadian Journal of Urban Research

“It is high time for a new Canadian urban planning text. . . . This book is well thought out in terms of engaging undergraduate students.”
–Meg Holden, Simon Fraser University

“Like this text, I believe that Canadian planning has a lot to offer–not only to students in Canadian planning schools but to those interested in innovation practice around the world.”
–Jill Grant, Dalhousie University