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Canada’s new National Housing Strategy

This fall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to release a draft National Housing Strategy, something Canadians have been demanding for years. Canada is the only G8 country without one, and it has become sadly evident that we need it now more than ever. Rapidly escalating housing costs, high levels of homelessness since the 1990s, eroding rights for renters, and few innovative tenure structures are some signs of the problems we’re facing. Even smaller cities like Kelowna, BC, have set up affordable housing trusts to help support housing options for those who simply cannot afford market rate rents.

The first stage of the public consultation begins now with a survey and request for comments. Please tell our federal government what we need in this national strategy: better support to build rental housing, more support to develop co-op housing, low-income ownership strategies, workers’ housing programs, programs to help young adults access housing of their own, or any other ideas you have. Here’s the link: https://www.letstalkhousing.ca/survey/index.cfm

Update: the site now has a feature that allows you to post your ideas about housing: click on this link!



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