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Farewell Meidad Kissinger

Dr. Meidad Kissinger, who graduated from SCARP in 2008, is to begin teaching at Ben-Gurion University in Israel this September. Meidad specializes in comparative ecological footprint analysis, where he traces the impacts of globalizing trade on specific products such as wood, bananas, coffee, and beef. He argues, along with Dr. Bill Rees and Dr. Mathis Wackernagel, that the footprint of products extends far beyond the boundaries of a single nation, which has a major impact on sustainability.

Meidad has been a fixture at our school for six years, and shows no end of collaboration and co-publication with others in the field of ecological planning and sustainability. Most recently, he taught Ecological Economics and Post-Sustainability at SCARP during his post-doctorate year. He’s looking forward to a return to Israel with his family and teaching full-time at Ben-Gurion. Best of luck, Meidad!


Dr. Meidad Kissinger (second from left) with SCARP PhD students

Dr. Meidad Kissinger (second from right) with SCARP PhD students


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