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SCARP Symposium: Planning for an Uncertain Urban Future

Two weeks from today, SCARP students will be running their Symposium, a great event that tends to draw a crowd of current students, alumni, and planning professionals of all sorts. This year’s Keynote Speakers are Tony Dorcey (SCARP professor emeritus), Bill Rees (SCARP professor emeritus and co-creator of the Ecological Footprint), Richard Heinberg (author of The End of Growth: Adapting to our New Economic Reality), and Mike Harcourt (Premier of British Columbia, 1991-1996).

As a SCARP alumni, I’m putting together an alumni panel for students to learn about careers in planning, which will feature Deana Grinnell (Parklane Homes), Michelle Babiuk (TransLink), Lil Ronalds (City of Vancouver), Sawngjai Manityakul (Halcrow), and Diana Leung (City of Vancouver). Current students are encouraged to come out and ask these accomplished planners all about their career paths. Other panels include “Occupy Planning: The Future of the 99%”, “Stranger to Supper: Building Community Through Local Food Networks”, and “Beyond Just Asking Questions: Engaging Youth in Community Planning.” Every one of these is chock-full of planning experts who will tell you all about their initiatives, policies and programs.

All you SCARP alumni out there, come and join us for a fantastic day and meet up with old and new friends! SCARP now has an official designation as part of the UBC Alumni network, with a president and everything (thanks Adam Cooper for taking on this role!) Registration ends Feb. 6th, so make sure to sign up at www.scarpsymposium.ca.


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